House Rules

‘The whiskers, the fuzzy faces, the interaction and head nudges show us that cats are beneficial to our mental health. They have the ability to reduce stress, heal with purrs and love in a pure and simple way. Come and join us for a relaxing coffee with our fur babies.’ 

Help keep everything Purrfect

Charlie’s House Rules

  1. If I’m asleep don’t wake me up
  2. I’m here to interact with you and to relieve your stress 
  3. Please do not pick me up at any time if I want a cuddle I will come to you.
  4. Please don’t chase me around the cafe because it will frighten me
  5. I’m not allowed human food or milk
  6. You’re welcome to take photo’s of me but please ensure you turn your flash off
If you follow all these rules we’ll get along purrfectly

(Please note we have a minimum age policy for children of 6yrs old and above for insurance purposes and the welfare of the cats)

Come on In!

Monday to Saturday

9.30AM – 5.00PM

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75 High Street, Stone,

Staffordshire, ST15 8AE

We officially launch 30th November